Greetings treehouse friends!

Thank you for visiting our site! We are the Nelson family, comprised of me (Pete); my wife (of 30 years!), Judy; and our adult kids, Emily, Henry, and Charlie. We work together, along with our extraordinary staff, to bring the magic of treehouses to folks from around the world.

My family at emily and Patrick's Wedding in the fall of 2016. Left to right: Henry, Judy, Patrick, Emily, Me, and Charlie.

our adorable dogs are also part of the crew. CHICA has been with us for over ten years!

Bun and victor working hard in the sunshine.

I first fell in love with treehouses at age five, when my dad built me an adventurous treefort behind the garage at my childhood home in New Jersey. The world of treehouses, carpentry, and construction continued to captivate me through college in Colorado, where I met my wonderful wife, Judy. Armed with an economics degree, Judy’s support, and my love of all things treehouses, I embarked on a unique, tree-centric career path post-graduation in the Pacific Northwest. For several years, I worked in the construction of regular “ground houses,” before taking to the trees to build imaginative and inspiring treehouses.

I built my first treehouse during college in colorado springs, COlorado.. This project was so much fun!

That first treehouse taught me a lot; for instance, i learned that putting a brick chimney in a treehouse isn't the best idea.

In 2006, Judy and I opened our overnight retreat center, Treehouse Point to celebrate the grandeur of the Pacific Northwest with visitors from around the world. With my designs, Judy's culinary prowess, and the vision of our marvelous staff, Treehouse Point evolved into a place of peace, romance, and rejuvenation. In 2012, we embarked on a new adventure: our Animal Planet television series, Treehouse Masters, which follows my team and me around on our builds across the country. Our treehouse construction firm, Nelson Treehouse and Supply, has now built hundreds of treehouses around the country, and continues to build beautifully creative treehouses both on and off TV. We are excited to announce our next project: Treehouse Resort and Spa, a nature retreat centered on wellness, relaxation, and play. We look forward to making you feel at home in our trees!

I loved building the upper pond treehouse at Treehouse Point!

I loved building the upper pond treehouse at Treehouse Point!

Working with my son Charlie on his treehouse at treehouse resort and spa was a dream come true!

Working with my son Charlie on his treehouse at treehouse resort and spa was a dream come true!

I loved filming this episode of Treehouse Masters, where I surprised two families with Treehouse makeovers! Check out my behind-the-scenes tours of treehouses featured on episodes of Treehouses masters here.

Judy and I are thrilled that our kids are involved in our family business. Henry is a skilled carpenter who often travels with the rest of the crew on builds. His twin brother, Charlie builds boats and guitars, and is tending to the Woodinville property as it crystalizes into Treehouse Resort and Spa. In addition to managing many other things, Emily created our online store, Be in a Tree, where you can purchase treehouse hardware, plans, and other merchandise. The family business brought Emily more than a fabulous job: it also brought her husband Patrick, a lead carpenter on our construction team.

Emily and Patrick hosted their wedding at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, which is home to several treehouses! You can see more photos and get details about their wedding here.

My crew is like family to me, and we have the best time on treehouse builds

As a family business, we seek to make everyone —our staff, our guests, and our clients— feel at home in the trees. We believe in hospitality, environmental stewardship, and celebrating life, love, and nature. We hope that this site will help you connect with all the elements of the Nelson family business: from our treehouse builds, to our B&B; from our illustrious crew, to our treehouse designs. Thank you for making our dreams come to life; your support means the world to us.

To the trees!