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Nelson Treehouse is a Washington State-based design and build firm that brings people together through the creation of exquisite, custom treehouses. We take great pride in our team, process, and product, and believe that our passion for craft and community elevates the experience we offer our clients. It is our honor to bring the magic of the "treehouse life" to families and organizations around the world, and to have a lot of fun along the way. 

From full-scale design and build services, to consultations for those building their own backyard treehouses, we specialize in bringing your treehouse dreams to life. Under the leadership of Pete Nelson (also known as the "Treehouse Master"), we have built over 350 treehouses around the world. Throughout each project, we seek to foster the forest through low-impact building practices and use of environmentally sustainable materials.

We invite you to explore our work and learn about our process. Scroll down for an overview of our services and be sure to visit our FAQ, browse our gallery, and get to know our crew. To the trees!


We are a licensed architectural firm and specialize in designing safe, enduring, and captivating treehouses. Our designers work closely with you to manifest your vision and bring years of experience in innovative and beautiful small-space design to the process. Our designs are highly site-specific, integrated with the unique layout of your trees and the surrounding environment. We collaborate with engineers and building officials to ensure that your luxury treehouse meets the highest standards of safety. 

Our designs services are typically paired with our build services, but can also be contracted independently. Click here to learn more about the steps and costs of our full design and build process, and visit our FAQ for detailed information. For inspiration, browse our gallery of recent work.



We oversee your build from prefabrication in our Washington State-based shop, to shipment of prefabricated components, to onsite completion. Our carpenters excel at their craft, building artful and durable treehouses. We pride ourselves on leading a joyful, safe, and seamless build experience, believing that the process of building your treehouse is as fundamental to its magic as being in the completed structure.

We build with only the highest-quality hardware and tried-and-tested techniques that foster the longevity of both trees and treehouse. As necessary, we hire subcontractors for additional services including insulation, roofing, plumbing, and electrical.

Click here to learn more about the steps and costs of our full design and build process, and visit our FAQ for detailed information. For inspiration, browse our gallery of recent work.



Building your own treehouse? We're here to help! We offer consultations, plans, heavy-duty hardware, and other supplies to support do-it-yourselfers with their own treehouse projects. Consultations may be performed via phone or onsite.

Click here to learn more about our services for treehouse DIY-ers.



Treehouse: Swiss Family Surprise
Client: Peter

Pete [Nelson] is an expert at not only building treehouses, but fulfilling dreams. His and his crew’s passion for their craft is evident in the pride they take in constructing beautiful homes that would be over-the-top even if it were built on solid ground—let alone 20 feet in the air. They recognize that this isn’t just about building a house in the trees, it’s about fun, community, and family. And while they are true building professionals focused on safety, structural integrity, and great craftsmanship, they also never lose sight that this is about bringing people together around something that is fun and exciting.

Pete Nelson and his crew are obsessive of their craft. They are incredibly passionate about building amazing treehouses, but also about the engineering, design, and unique techniques that are inherent in building a structure 20+ feet in the air that will stand the test of time.

More than anything, Pete and the rest of Nelson Treehouse company are, simply put, good people. They are incredibly professional, but also some of the most caring, genuine, and fun people we know. It has been a pleasure working with them, and an even greater honor to see such great people at work doing something they clearly love.

Treehouse: Nature's Super HQ at For-Mar Nature Preserve
Client: Genesee County Parks and Recreation Commission
The Parks Commission had a small, but mighty, set of requirements for the treehouse when Nelson Treehouse and Supply began making their plans. The plan was to add additional classroom space ... That meant it needed to hold at least 30 kids plus instructors. It also needed to be barrier-free, allowing people in wheelchairs and with other mobility issues the opportunity to experience the joys of being in the trees.

It was a tall order, but the crew at Nelson Treehouse and Supply came through with a beautiful AND functional design. It took only about a month for them to turn that design into a reality, and now visitors of all ages and abilities who come to For-Mar have the opportunity to experience a treehouse overlooking the Kearsley Creek.

Nestled back in black cherry, red oak, white oak, basswood and bitternut hickory trees, the treehouse stands approximately 30 feet above the bed of the Kearsley Creek oxbow and can be accessed by either staircase or ramp with grades that meet ADA requirements. We’ve already seen over 28,000 visitors [in about six months since opening], and it will continue to be open for the public and be the location for future programs and field trip opportunities.