Taste of TreeHouse Point: Muffin Magic by Arnold J. Mungioli

Kitchen Magic! Arnold J. Mungioli surrounded by muffins in the kitchen at Treehouse Point. All photos courtesy of Arnold.

Arnold J. Mungioli is the partner of Damon Bishop (the manager at TreeHouse Point) and an occasional culinary swashbuckler in the TreeHouse Point kitchen. This week, Arnold has produced a five-part series on his phenomenal blog, Live The Questions Now, about breakfasts he has cooked up for guests at TreeHouse Point. Guests have fallen for Arnold's tasty recipe treasures, from Italian sausage rolls to scrumptious egg bakes, from puff pastry triangles to decadent cookies.

Today, Arnold is featuring recipes for three flavors of his irresistible treehouse muffins: "Zucchini Bikinis" (made with white chocolate chips, cranberries, zucchini, and oats), "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom Muffins" (chocolate with cream cheese filling), and "Dusty Springfields" (butterscotch peach). 

In Arnold's words,

"There is something Magical about Muffins!

Let’s face it! It’s Cake for Breakfast!

It’s Cake in individual size portions.

It’s Cake you wake up to!

It’s Cake you can eat fresh out of the oven!

There is also something that feels especially homemade about Muffins… perhaps it’s because unlike a Cake baked for an occasion, Muffins have a way of making an otherwise ordinary day feel like an occasion."

Arnold's Dusty Springfield and Snowcap Summer muffins ready for guests at TreeHouse Point

To find out how to make Arnold's delectable TreeHouse Point muffins, head to his blog post at LivetheQuestionsNow.com

Preparing the batter for Dusty Springfield Muffins.

Batter for a Variation on Dusty Springfield Muffins, with blueberries and cream cheese glaze. ARnold calls these, "Snowcap Summers."


MA RAINEY’s BLACK BOTTOM Muffins, Ready to Bake



All of Arnold's TreeHouse Point recipes from this week can be found at his blog:

Thank you, Arnold, for sharing the culinary treasures you've concocted at TreeHouse Point!

Arnold  J.  Mungioli

Arnold J. Mungioli

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To the trees!