Charlie's Take on Treehouse Resort and Spa

Ever since Charlie's Treehouse aired on Animal Planet's Treehouse Masters (revealing Pete's plans to transform a lush, 23-acre parcel of land in Woodinville, Washington into Treehouse Resort and Spa) we've seen an upswelling of support and excitement from fans! We too are thrilled about the ongoing metamorphosis of Treehouse Resort and Spa, a nature resort centered on wellness, relaxation and play, and can't wait to share more updates on its progress with you (for more information on Treehouse Resort and Spa, visit!

To celebrate the enthusiasm about Treehouse Resort and Spa, we sat down with Charlie to get his his take on the property and plans for the resort. Charlie is currently acting as caretaker of the Treehouse Resort and Spa property; his groundskeeping HQ is his custom-built treehouse nestled in two towering firs near the heart of the future resort (have you seen the blog's photo tour of Charlie's Treehouse?). Join us in finding out about Charlie's favorite parts of the property and the coolest thing he's seen in its sprawling forests and wetlands.


Charlie couldn't choose just one part of the property to call his favorite: that title is tied between the butternut tree and old barns located in the center of the 23-acre parcel. Charlie set up his workshop in one of the old barns, and loves working in the worn but sturdy structure. His new best friend, a tabby named Danger cat, also loves the butternut tree; Charlie often spots Danger climbing in its low branches.

Butternut tree and old barn

Danger Cat


Charlie's hoping the next Treehouse Resort and Spa treehouse will be built in a grove of soaring firs, maple trees, and cedars atop a hill on the property. From that lofty position, the treehouse would have sweeping views of the forests and surrounding valley.

Could this be the home of the next Treehouse Resort and Spa Treehouse?


Charlie especially loves the loft area in his treehouse. He says that the high ceilings enable the secluded loft to feel open and airy, and that the position of the loft creates the perfect outdoor hangout zone. By protruding out from the side of the treehouse, the loft creates a sheltered and shady space on the deck; it's the perfect place to play guitar, rain or shine.

Charlie's cozy but airy loft

Sheltered outdoor area created by the position of the loft


The thing about Treehouse Resort and Spa that Charlie is most looking forward to is the people that it will bring. Charlie can't wait to connect with likeminded treehouse enthusiasts at treehouse workshops on the property, and at the future resort. He has great memories of building alongside treehouse-loving folks at workshops at Treehouse Point, and loves the community that's created when people come together to create treehouses. Charlie looks forward to building, dreaming, and being in the trees with others!

Community of treehouse enthusiasts building the Bonbibi at a workshop at Treehouse Point.


Charlie has seen an amazing array of wildlife in his role of caretaker of the Treehouse Resort and Spa property. From diverse species of birds, to coyotes and deer, Charlie has had many encounters with the native North Western fauna on the resort's property. He especially enjoyed watching Danger cat's wary curiosity when two deer walked beneath the treehouse. 

Wildlife frequently passes through Treehouse Resort and Spa property.

Flora abounds at Treehouse Resort and Spa.

The forests feel almost magical at Treehouse Resort and Spa!

We are so grateful for your support and enthusiasm for Treehouse Resort and Spa! You have truly made our dreams come to life; we couldn't imagine embarking on this next adventure without your support, and look forward to making you feel at home in our trees.

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Want to see more of Charlie's treehouse? Check out Animal Planet's Treehouse Masters timelapse video below!

To the trees!