Emily's Fall Favorites

With cooler days, leaves changing colors, and the arrival of autumn harvests, we know that fall is finally here in the Pacific Northwest! The arrival of autumn got me thinking about my favorite Be in a Tree items for this time of year. Nothing is more comforting during the fall than a soft hoodie, mug of warm apple cider, and cozy layers. Take a look at my fall favorites and let me know which ones make you feel the most ready for autumn!

I love these snapback hats for fall's finicky temperatures; they keep you warm on chilly days and cool on sunny days!

Daryl working the NT&S Blacklader Tool Vest

Daryl working the NT&S Blacklader Tool Vest

Pete, Daryl, and the rest of the crew LOVE this Blaklader Tool vest since it keeps their tools close at hand while evenly distributing the additional weight on their body. This vest is the perfect thing to help you tackle those last-minute home projects before winter sets in.

These patches remind me of heading back to school! They add treehouse flair to the plainest of backpacks and book bags.

I use Be in a Tree notebooks all the time; their small size makes them perfect for quick notes and reminders. And I love how the gridded interior gives me flexibility with how I write my notes; it's even ideal for doodling treehouses!

This super soft, unisex hoody is so flattering on everyone. It's one of my staple items for the fall.

Garrett, our media guru, gamely models the hoody.


What's better than a warm mug of apple cider on a cool fall day? The Cappuccino Mug holds all your hot beverages in treehouse style.

Writing this post has made me so excited for fall! Let me know which of these is your favorite in the comments below. To the trees!