Photo Tour: Lake Chelan Fairytale Treehouse

In honor of the upcoming Treehouse Masters special holiday episode airing Friday, December 23 at 10:00 PM Pacific Time on Animal Planet, we're reminiscing about one of our favorite builds from Season 5: the Lake Chelan Treehouse in Washington State.

This beauty is nestled in seven branches of a tremendous silver maple tree, and boasts sweeping views of the lake below. Our wonderful clients asked for a space where their family could admire the surrounding scenery, play, and relax together. With a suspension bridge, two trapdoors, turreted dining nook with wide windows, loft, dual decks, and a large net for lounging, this treehouse encourages both exploration and rest. To make the treehouse even more beautiful, our clients created artful landscaping at its base, using rocks from local mountains. In the end, this charming treehouse looks like it came to life from the pages of a fairytale.

Nelson Treehouse Lake Chelan

The incredible landscaping at the base of the treehouse was done by the clients themselves!

The suspension bridge leads to a Dream Net by Sarah Jefferson. Inspired by dream catchers, hammocks, and spiderwebs, these sturdy nets provide a fun play/lounge area for kids and adults alike.

Inside, another trapdoor leads to the Dream Net below. The joinery in the turreted dining nook is remarkable; despite the turret's unique elliptical shape, every wood connection is perfectly tight. The windows were custom fabricated to fit the curve of the turret.

Don't you just want to jump into the net?

This countertop is fashioned from old growth Western red cedar, and supports a petrified wood sink basin. Tory Jones worked her magic on the interior design.

A ships ladder leads to the cozy loft, which provides access to the sun deck.

Branches of the silver maple poke through the main deck, allowing visitors to admire the tree's beauty up close.

The NT&S crew used cedar branches in the deck railing. All of the cedar wood makes this treehouse smell divine. 

This treehouse celebrates the beauty of the nature around it.

Pete and his crew had the most amazing time building for these clients; we wish them many years of happiness in their treehouse!

We hope you've enjoyed this photo tour of the Lake Chelan treehouse! For another look, check out Animal Planet's Treehouse Masters Behind the Build video, below.

To the trees!