OPENING TODAY for Reservations: TreeHouse Point Weekdays May-October 2017

A new block of weekdays from May - October 2017 will open to reservations at 2pm Pacific Time on November 1st! Below, please find valuable "insider" information to help you in making your reservation.

We hope to see you here in the trees sometime soon! 

Informational Packet

If you have not yet received and read our informational packet (with important details concerning the TreeHouse Point experience, rates, and availabilities), please request one using the link below.

Tips for Using the Booking Calendar

As you have likely discovered, TreeHouse Point is a popular destination and interest outpaces our supply of rentable treehouses. However, knowing the key information below will assist you in making your reservations. 


Each year, we open the calendar for: 

  • November - April WEEKDAYS on May 1st, 2pm Pacific Time.
  • May - October WEEKDAYS on November 1st, 2pm Pacific Time.


If you wish to stay on a WEEKEND, weekends are closed, year-round, until 60 days prior, as weddings rent our entire property (including the guest room-treehouses) for their event.

However, EACH Monday afternoon at 2pm Pacific Time, all year long, we open the next 60-day-out weekend to online reservations, around any wedding bookings that have come in prior. For example, in 2017, Friday, Saturday or Sunday September 8th, 9th, or 10th would potentially be opened to individual reservations around wedding bookings on Monday afternoon, July 10th, at 2pm, Pacific Time. 

Please set a reminder to use the link to the Calendar of Availability to secure a weekend reservation following the guideline referenced above.  


Please visit our Calendar of Availability using the link button below.


Based on guest feedback, a 2-night stay is in effect for much of the year, as Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday/Thursday combinations. 

Single nights will occasionally be available when a wedding booking allows for an open single night, typically on a Sunday, or in the months of January and February, when only a single night stay is required.


If you would like to be contacted in the event of a cancellation for a specific WEEKDAY-pair of dates (ex. Monday & Tuesday OR Wednesday & Thursday), please email us at with the specific 2-day-paired dates and also your cell phone number, for best reachability.

Finally, keep your eyes on the calendar, as it is updated to the moment and cancellations do occasionally occur.



We sincerely appreciate your patronage and hope to see you here in the trees sometime soon!

-TreeHouse Point